About us

Stellar Ocean Transport L.L.C was started in 2008 by a group of Dubai based shipping professionals as an independent, integrated third-party ship management services provider in Dubai. Stellar Ocean Transport LLC offers our management services globally for all dry bulk vessels - where and when you need them – as a one-stop management services provider offering all aspects of cost-effective ship management - Crewing, Technical and Commercial management of the highest quality along with New building management and S&P consultancy.


Our bulk vessels segment is backed by significant expertise with the technical management of bulk vessels of various sizes ranging from Cape sizes, geared Kamsarmaxes to handy sizes and special vessels like self unloaders etc... The average age of our vessels is one year. Our P&I club and Hull Underwriters are with prominent organizations like Swedish Club and Generali. Stellar Ocean Transport is ISO 9001 compliant.

Future Outlook:

If you do not know, where you want to go, just about any road will do. At “STELLAR OCEAN TRANSPORT” however, we know exactly what our direction is. We do not necessarily want to be the biggest. But we do want to be the best – our Customers preferred provider. “Strategic trade linked vessel acquisition program” for both owning and third party management is our outlook for the future.

Strength from Operational Excellence:

Our competitive edge is continuously sharpened by our striving to truly understand our Customers and their businesses, by our ambition to offer innovative solutions and by our objective of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Of course we have a number of tools like IT systems, monthly reports and organizational reviews in place to assist us in managing our business. But the truth is that no management strategy could run a vessel in crunch situation or cater to the varying need of customers. We are as technologically advanced as they come, but we never forget that our Customers are the heart of our business.


The company is ISM certified and the DOC is issued by Germanisher Llyods. All ships are fully SMC compliant and complies with all international regulations. All ships are classed by IACS member societies and insured by first class underwriters. Full fleet is covered for P&I risk with International Group member club.